On Dating 20SB's Sexiest Male Blogger


If you knew me at all in August of 2011, you knew that I was having a lot of fun with VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) and my new YouTube friends. You also probably got at least one message that said, "Umm. I most definitely have a crush on Ian."

By September, you probably wanted to kill me to stop me from texting things like, "Did you see what he posted on Twitter? Swooooon." Every. Five. Minutes.

I'll spare you the nauseatingly sweet and sappy middle portion of this story, but after months of non-stop flirting over Twitter and then iMessage, Ian asked me if I'd go on a date with him at VidCon. I agreed—wholeheartedly, enthusiastically, . . . ecumenically.

The date was one month ago today, and it was lovely. So were the next two dates we crammed in while in California. So were all of the international Skype dates we've had since then. I can't stop smiling. It's one thing to be dating the guy was voted 20SB's sexiest male blogger (and best overall blogger), but it's another thing entirely to have a boyfriend who is completely caring, selfless, charming, clever, respectful, nerdy, funny, and weird in all the right ways.

Thanks for a really great first month, Ian Holland. I'm really glad I get to have you in my life. xx