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Welcome to Skirts with Pockets, a weekly collection of the online articles, websites, and other links that I've loved and now want to share with you. Please excuse any stray candy wrappers that fall to the ground as I empty my virtual pockets.

Ugmonk | How I Designed a Super Productive Desk Setup

Every time I see photos of Jeff's desk in the wild, I smile and think of what a nice person he seems like and what great products he creates and how much I want this ampersand sweatshirt. (If my Internet fairy godmother is reading: cranberry, size medium, please and thank you.) Looking at my own desk, I can see how I've been inspired by his set-up in a variety of ways, so it was a treat getting to read about some of his favorite details.

Historic GIFs wot I did

I would love to visit a museum that displayed these GIFs and nothing else.

What If We Said Chores And Allowance Should Have No Bearing On One Another?

I was raised by nerds, so I had a very complicated allowance system as a child. (It involved a daily chore chart and an incremental payment system that reset weekly and after any day I failed to complete all my tasks.) It was a brutal set-up that encouraged my brother and I to help out only when we had external motivation, like wanting to save up for a toy or a bicycle or a computer. Once the allowance got cut off in high school, helping out around the house stopped, as well. I feel miserable about that in retrospect and take responsibility as an adult to change my behavior going forward, but I was thrilled to read this article. Society as a whole will benefit if more of us have the opportunity to grow up with healthy attitudes about money, plenty of practice managing our finances, and a willingness to help out in our families and our communities.

Famous Authors' Handwritten Outlines for Great Works of Literature

My favorite is the outline for Catch-22, but all of these are super interesting. (And all of them make me even more certain that I have no interest in writing a book.)

A Eulogy for Crayola's Dandelion

The illustrations in this post are adorable, and I will be running out to the store to buy a huge box of Crayola crayons immediately.