So Office Space Is a Good Movie


I haven't really been following the suggested topics list for BEDS, but today's topic—a picture that makes me angry or sad—struck a nerve when I scrolled past this gem in iPhoto tonight.

Clearly, part of the frustration originated from the fact that I was scrolling around in iPhoto, an experience that never fails to make me simultaneously nervous and irritable. I never really intended for my Mac to become my main personal computer, but due to the advanced age of my desktop (and the all-around cheapness of my other laptop), I have actually been storing quite a lot of really important data on the Mac, including half a year's worth of photographs and home videos. (Do we call them home videos anymore?) So when I come across reviews about Lion and hear that other people are losing entire iPhoto libraries, I can't help but worry that maybe I should've experimented with Mac software using someone else's precious content. Also, why is it that iPhoto is so good at burninating the other peasant software on the dock? And why does it feel the need to open every time I wave something near the card reader or USB ports? Grawr.

But aside from my concerns regarding Apple products in general, this particular picture fuels the fires of rage in my belly because it reminds me that the printer in my office (spoiler: the same printer that is in the photograph) still says this exact same thing. The printer in my office has displayed this error message for at least a month now, and even though I rarely use the machine myself, I get to answer the question, "Did someone let [congregation member who looks after many of the smaller printers for no charge] know about this?" like twelve times a week. Yes. Someone let Mr. Churchy McPrinterson know.

And while Mr. McPrinterson is usually very prompt in responding to our collective cries of distress, he has yet to come in to fix this particular problem. Meanwhile, the printer, which sits in my office and is used frequently by the four to thirty-nine million people whose offices are somewhat near mine, is developing some sort of squeak, which has fallen in love with the poor construction and echo-y walls of my "church nursery converted into an office suite" workspace of doom. The squeak and the echo-y walls are having a baby, and its name is Pure Agony, and she is the bane of my existence, and I'd really like it if everyone would JUST USE THE OTHER PRINTERS FOR A WHILE, OKAY?