Sober in Milwaukee: Boat Tour 2

Blah Blah Public Lake
Blah Blah Public Lake | Flickr

So, it's true. Our captain was strange. He had some obsessions. He spent fifteen minutes talking about a tiny lake just beyond these rocks.

"Behind these rocks? Is a tiny lake! It's for public use. You can even take small boats in there! There's a beach! There's a bridge! There are people! It's public! Did I mention the lake?"

Art Museum
Art Museum | Flickr

But I'm going to stop picking on Milwaukee for a minute to admit that this was when I really started getting excited about the tour. The weather was gorgeous. The miniature skyscrapers were adorable. The art museum, pictured above, was a really neat structure. The lake was beautiful. Not everything in Milwaukee was terrible.

Pirateskirts | Flickr

But don't think I wasn't scowling the whole entire time the captain was babbling on and on about the gosh dang bicycles you could rent! And the parks you could visit! And the things you could eat if you brought your own grill! But I did turn to my parents and say once again, "I bet this would be funny if we were drunk."

Alas, all the rum was gone.