Sorry Again, Miss Lobster


I wrote this on my laptop from the Boston airport, but then I decided not to connect to the shady-looking free WiFi to post it immediately. Instead, these words have been getting dusty for almost a week now, so . . . enjoy?

Favorite Leaf in Boston
Favorite Leaf in Boston | Flickr

Boston in the fall. For the past six days, I've been experiencing the wonder that is New England during one of its most romantic seasons. Most of the pictures on my camera right now are of the beach, the trees, the quaint little homes, and cobblestone.

However, if you asked me to tell you about my trip, I would talk about how great it was to be able to hug my boyfriend. I would tell you how nice it was to be able to check my email while sitting in the same room as him or how fun it was to watch a movie together without Skype being involved. I would most definitely sing the praises of his friends, who are sometimes eerily similar to my own favorite friends. I might tell you about the day we tried to go to King Richard's renaissance fair but instead spent the afternoon hanging out at the American headquarters of the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society, drinking mead and talking about Lord of the Rings-themed Crayola crayons.

Pass at Own Risk
Pass at Own Risk | Flickr

People who know me well will be proud to hear that I tried Boston "chowda" and lobster. I installed Age of Empires 2 on my laptop and watched roughly five hundred episodes of Bleach while managing to convince a skeptic of the wonders of Google Wave. I was unable to finish something called the Hunka Hunka Chocolate Love, but I spent ten dollars on gourmet chocolates at Quincy Market. My boyfriend's good friend accidentally proposed to me and then intentionally called me a bottom-feeding skunk wallet. I was hit in the eye by a rubberband, an elbow, a hat, and three fist-sized snowflakes.

Long Walk on the Beach
Long Walk on the Beach | Flickr

Most importantly, I got to visit my really sweet boyfriend and meet some really great people and make some really fun memories.

File this trip under "Unquestionably Good Times."