That Fruity Little Hat Kills Me


Some of you are getting to know my brother through Twitter, which makes me smile. A lot. He's a fun kid. He is also as ridiculously emotional as I am sometimes. I used to follow him to the basement on hot summer days to watch him play video games, but he would chase me away in a violent fit whenever he started doing poorly. Literally, controllers would be chucked at my head, and I distinctly remember him trying to choke me at least once. (He was too little, so I just laughed as he tried to kill me. In hindsight, that didn't help the situation at all.)

Anyway, Adam is usually witty and jovial and quick to laugh, but he does possess quite a temper, which is why I was a bit frightened when he came stomping into my room with flames shooting out of his nostrils. It turns out that he was a skosh upset about what has turned out to be the best (in my opinion) April Fools joke of the year—the trailer for an upcoming Zelda movie. I have to give the kid credit, though . . . While a Zelda movie might not be a bad idea, that right there was a crime against humanity, video games, films, and your mother. Don't even tell me you liked Link's ridiculous hat, or you'll be waking up with an N64 controller lodged in your head.