The Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold


One of my friends recently made a remark about how much she dislikes autumn. I consider autumn to be my favorite season, so I replied by saying so. My friend perked up and said, "Really? Why?" Either I haven't actually thought this out in a long time or my need for a vacation is greater than I thought, but regardless, I couldn't really give a good answer. I love back-to-school shopping, I love my birthday (which I consider the start of fall), I love scarves and hats and blankets, etc. When I got to the end of a list not much longer than that one, my friend stepped back and frowned.

"I was hoping you'd give me a reason to like fall, but you really haven't."

I decided then and there that I would rush home and write up a hundred great things to love about autumn, but I have barely had time to read one hundred words.

So I'm outsourcing a little. If there are any autumn-lovers in the bunch, I'd love to hear your defense of what is clearly the best season. If you live in a place that doesn't actually have seasons, tell me how you cope without the cool breezes and warm colors of fall. If you don't like autumn, let's trade weather! I'll give you my February and March in return for your September and October.

P.S. The picture really has nothing to do with the post. The sunset was just really pretty this evening.