The Dorky Forked Spork (from Ork)


My phone only holds so many "extra" words in its predictive text memory bank. I refuse to start cutting out letters from my words or word from my vocabulary, though, so there is a constant battle raging between myself and a little pink thorn in my side called the Motorola L2.

Words I Tried to Type Today :: Suggested Word(s) from Phone:

  • whore :: whose, winsf, wins3
  • dork :: fork*, empl, ensl
  • microeconomics :: microeammonias
  • onomatopoeia :: monoctormeha, monoctormega
  • Frodo :: Ermem

At least three of those words are used on a regular basis, so it boggles my mind that they keep getting knocked out of the dictionary. In fact, when I even think about sending a message, I should be presented with the option of just using one of these standards: 1) You are a whore. 2) Haha, you dork. 3) I love Frodo.

I guess this is yet another issue that I will need to address when I am queen.

*I finally gave up and just started calling people "forks." It's funny, and it has the added bonus of not bringing to mind the etymology of the word "dork." Plus, once I'm on the subject of silverware, I have the opportunity to talk about sporks, which is always great fun.