They got a pepper bar!


This November has been insane. I was incredibly happy in Texas with my boys and equally bummed to be back home and far away from them. I was stoked to be in Tennessee with my grandparents and then completely fearful of my return to work and "the real world." I actually enjoyed hanging out with my coworkers at the little shindig that was half-hosted at my house on Tuesday night and then . . . all hell broke loose and my emotions began their own civil war.

Currently, I can't tell if I'm happy or sad or mad. I do know that I'm massively confused and a bit lonely, so I plan on flopping down on my bed in a minute here to watch The Lord of the Rings for the 187th time. Frodo Baggins will help me to forget any troubles I may or may not have, so hopefully cheerful posting will resume tomorrow.

On a completely unrelated note, I really miss the Quiznos sponge monkeys.