This is the same cat who thinks he's a dog.


Here follows a perfect example of why you should never ask me about my cats (oh, and for the record, "Pimp" is a nickname, not a status):

Pimp: how is the little beasties?
Me: The dog is still nearly dead.
Me: The one cat still licks the fur off her butt.
Me: And the other cat is turning into a dolphin.
Pimp: that sounds weird...
Pimp: does he swim a lot or what?
Me: No. You know that trick the trainers do where they put their hand out in the air and the dolphin jumps up to hit it with his nose?
Me: My cat did that tonight.
Me: Completely unprompted.
Me: I put my finger out to indicate "One hour 'til feeding time, silly."
Me: And he jumped up to hit it with his nose.