Truly Happy


My grandpa has severe dementia, so many of the things he says are repeated as part of a routine. (“We aren’t the first ones here!” is something he exclaims with genuine surprise every Sunday morning when we pull into the church parking lot.)

Today, he surprised me with a new one. I was waiting in the car to pick him and my grandma up for church. As my grandpa opened the door and sat down, he said, “I hope you’re as happy as I am.”

I know he wasn’t trying to stump me, but I’ve been thinking about it for hours. 1) I’m so glad he is happy, even as this disease slowly erases him from our lives. 2) What a kind, loving sentiment. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents.

Oh, and I am truly happy. ❤️

This story was originally posted as a thread on my private Twitter account, but I didn't want to lose it in the archives.