My biography is gonna be one hell of a read.


While it's true that I spend most of my day reading blogs, playing Minesweeper, watching House, M.D. with my brother, mocking House Hunters with my mother, and making ice cream cones for myself, I actually managed to squish in some time for productivity this week. I'm pretty gosh dang proud.

Things that have sat on the back burner of my life for weeks or months or years now which have finally been completed:

  • Finished the design backbone of
  • Fixed the RSS feed for so that there are now actual paragraph breaks.
  • Applied for a "real job" at my dad's company. Sent in an actual résumé and everything!
  • Tried fresh cheese curds. Decided I'd rather eat stale Play-Doh.
  • Apparently broke my first iPod in a little over six months. Tada!

Okay, so I guess most of what I did was finishing up small little useless projects that aren't worth mentioning here. I am looking forward to maybe having a job, though. I've also been thinking a lot about what I want to do when I (hopefully) graduate college. Maybe it's the HGTV talking, but I think I might do pretty well in real estate. Selling homes, "flipping" homes, staging homes, whatever. We'll see, though. Many decisions to be made, much work to be done, and at least one more ice cream cone begging to be eaten.