Whistle While You Work


Confession: I do not have the best attitude about my job. I work at a church, so you'd think everything would be wonderful. But hey, Christians are people, too, and let's just say that it is sometimes glaringly obvious that we need a Savior.

I was put in my place recently when a group of students in my management class at the community college did a presentation on gossip in the workplace. I sat there listening to a secular sermon on why gossip is bad and how it can tear an organization apart from the inside out.

I am ashamed to admit that I've seen that happening in my office, and I am not always an innocent bystander. So I made it a point to bring up the topic with as many coworkers as possible the next day, and I'm hoping it will be a good reminder to all of us that we need to be lifting each other up with encouraging words, especially given the fact that we work in a church office. Let's raise the bar here, people!

Anyway, all that to say, I'm trying to change my attitude about my work environment. From here on out, I am going to try end the week with a list of things that really made me smile on the job. I might not always post that here, but this time I will.

Things That Did Not Suck About Work Recently But Were Actually Rather Cool:

  • When my mom left the office early one day, her office neighbor turned up her music and began whistling. Normally, whistling in the office grates on my last nerve, but this woman sounds like the birds from old Disney movies. It is the most beautiful whistle I have ever heard, and it always makes me think of Sleeping Beauty and fairy tales moments and unicorns.
  • My office roomie indulges my love of traditions and makes cinnamon coffee every Friday at three o'clock in the afternoon. Coffee o'clock, technically. Several weeks ago, I brought in two Betty Crocker microwaveable mini-brownie creations (actually called Molten Lava Cake, I believe), and they were so great that we have them every week with our special coffee. There are some weeks where I have seriously considered calling in sick on Friday, but the promise of special coffee and special snacks lures me in.
  • Another coworker noticed that we were eating those molten lava cakes / brownies every week, so she stopped by my office with a coupon that she had clipped for them. She thought of me while clipping coupons, and that was oddly touching.
  • A different coworker has started leaving articles on my desk which she cuts from the newspaper. They are all related to real-life pirates, and they all make me smile.

All in all, I guess I work with some really nice people. We probably shouldn't be stranded on a deserted island together, but then again we might be rescued by those really awesome pirates, who would undoubtedly have a healthy supply of cinnamon coffee on board that they totally bought with coupons.