Writing! Ugh!


The leaves were fluttering off the neighborhood trees today in the most beautiful way, so of course I was instantly furious because I had to finish driving to work and couldn't just stop in the middle of the intersection to soak in my favorite season for three hours. Responsibilities! Ugh!

I've also been really grumpy all week because I slept at a right angle on Friday night, resulting in serious and non-stop neck pain. Getting old! Ugh!

To cure my foul mood and save you from it, I'm going to recommend watching the video Tyler recently shared on his blog. It features the most darling man and his darling store with all sorts of darling root beer (and other carbonated beverages). No really, it is precious. Watch it even if you don't think you need the pick-me-up, even if you can't imagine it being interesting, even though you don't have ten minutes to spare. Then take me out for a root beer float and do the same for Tyler.