Yes, I love the smell of elevators. Still.


When I was little, I had big plans for my future. I wanted to be the C.E.O. of a company when I grew up. I used to beg my dad to take me to work with him on the weekends, so I could inhale the scent of the elevator as we rode to the fourth floor, where I would quietly weave my way through the cubicle maze. I memorized the names that were posted outside each cubicle, dreaming of the day when I too could have my own little fabric box to which I could attach my favorite Dilbert comic strips.

Currently, I have a desk job that involves a computer and some papers and some shuffling of those papers, but I have no cubicle walls to decorate. I share a large office with one of the coolest ladies ever, yet she won't let me attach comic strips to her clothing with thumbtacks. (Ironically, as I write this, The Rolling Stones are kind enough to remind me that I can't always get what I want. But! If I try sometimes, I just might find that I get what I need.) I haven't given up hope, though! One day...

Anyway, what about you? Teacher? Veterinarian? Firefighter? What future did you envision as a kid? Is that still what you want? Talk to me, y'all.

P.S. I totally have a stash of Dilbert comic strips, both image files and paper copies, ready to spring to action the moment I have a cubicle wall to call my own.