American History: Bacon and Peglegs


Find yourself in a blogging rut? Try studying! I haven't been able to think about anything but writing a blog entry for two days! I have a telecourse to start and finish within the next week, but the only notes I took during the first set of DVDs (which my super awesome brother, Adam, watched with me) were funny quotes that I wanted to remember to tweet later. Oops! Anyway, I've decided to post them for you here instead. Enjoy!

Quotes from Us:

  • Who knew that God wore Transitions lenses?
  • Something something Carrot Top's mom. Wait, is Carrot Top two words? I can't believe I just Googled that.
  • He sounds like Cleveland from Family Guy! But with a speech impediment.
  • Dude, it is like a rabbit's foot exploded from his chin.
  • Why do they all have bad beards?

Quotes from Narrators:

  • Bacon himself is such a young whippersnapper.
  • He stormed and peglegged around.

Words That Didn't Sound Legit But Actually Are:

  • Triumphalist.
  • Contradistinction.

Congratulations! Now you know as much about U.S. history as I do. Go run for office!