At Least I Like Cats


A while back, I was asked to read Lady in Waiting, a book written for single Christian women. I've read my fair share of dating and courtship books, and I've never been very impressed by them. I don't want to wait to kiss a boy until my wedding day, and I don't want some book making me feel like a slut because of it.

This book, however, talked about embracing this time in my life and using it to the fullest potential. I have more free time now than I probably will ever again, and I shouldn't be wasting it away daydreaming of Prince Charming. Hey, that actually sounds reasonable.

I gleaned most of that from the cover of the book and maybe the first chapter, and things just got better as I went.

Now, it's true that I'm excited about this book. It's also true that I like talking about this book with other people who are in my situation. Being single isn't easy. Being single for the 22nd year in a row isn't easy. Being a single Christian woman who is willing to stick by her beliefs and morals isn't easy. I totally get that, and I'm more than happy to chow down a bag of popcorn and empathize with anyone who remotely understands how not easy this is.

However, dear boss lady, I do not want to talk about this book as a Bible study leader at my church. I do not want to be known as the resident expert on being single, and I do not want to hear anyone else tell me why I'd be such a great fit. 1) It's depressing. 2) I already spend five or six days a week at the church. 3) Did I mention it's depressing? 4) Holy cow, this is not what I thought life would be like as a twenty-something.

Anyway, to put an end to this insanity, I'm officially declaring my nameless fish as my temporary boyfriend until a real one comes along. That means it is now doubly important that he has a name (and an awesome one, at that), so scurry back over to the previous entry to pitch your ideas. Also, keep your fingers crossed that he starts eating sometime soon, or else I'll be reduced to dating a dead fish, which is a level of pathetic I'm not willing to explore just yet.