Keep In Mind, "Juan Pedro" Is Already Taken


I bought a fish. His name is Fishpants. Or Captain Jack. Or Mr. Betta. Or as of today, The Fish Who Won't Eat His Food And Will Therefore Probably Be Dead By The Time I Pick A Name For Him.

(Thankfully, you don't have to beckon a fish like you do with a dog or a cat, so I can get away with a 22-word name.)

Really, though, I'd like your help in picking out a more suitable title for my beautiful Betta fish. Many moons ago, you came through for me when I asked you to name my sock monkey, and I have all the faith in the world that you can do that again.

Fishpants is ashamed of my photography skills, so he usually refuses to pose. However, he held still long enough for me to take this shot today:

Fishpants 2
Fishpants 2 | Flickr

Now then. If you were the caretaker of this wonderful Betta fish, what would you call him? Leave your suggestions in the comments, and I'll compile them into a poll on Friday. Bonus points if you have a cool story to go with the name!

P.S. Bonus points can be redeemed for hugs, link lovin', or a free dead fish.