Avenging My Childhood


Things That Made Me Almost Giddy Today:

  • I am downloading The Phantom Tollbooth, a movie I watched once or twice in my childhood before my father suddenly condemned it as the work of Satan himself. Obviously, I have been dying to see it ever since. Thanks, internet, for helping me out there.
  • My food intake thus far today has included bread, cheese, a granola bar, pizza, chocolate milk, and apple juice. When I go back to college, I can save money by stealing lunch from kindergarten students.
  • I have discovered that I really don't feel guilty a lot anymore, and that has significantly decreased the amount of stress in my life. I eat a lot of chocolate, I don't really care about politics, and I sometimes don't want to talk to people. All of this is 100% A-OK in my book.
  • Since forwarding my design site email address to a different Gmail account, I have gone from 600 spam emails a day to 60. HURRAY.
  • I realized that, should I give up on my dream of owning a Nikon D80 for a while, I could actually solve all the rest of my problems in one fell swoop, simply by purchasing an automobile instead. (Honestly, without my own car, I would just be taking the same boring shots of myself at higher resolutions anyway. I don't get too many bursts of creativity sitting on my bum at home or at church.)
  • The newsletter that I created from scratch over the past few weeks for el job-o at el church-o finally came to completion today, and it was so insanely beautiful that my boss couldn't stay mad at me about that other thing I didn't have time to do. I almost wept with joy when I printed the final copy.
  • My office roomie had one of the counseling interns bring in drinks from Caribou Coffee today. I have never been so appreciative of a Turtle Mocha in my entire life. Perfect timing.
  • The gel candle with all the candy canes in it has yet to explode. I heard somewhere that gel candles have a tendency to do that, so I'm always excited when they don't.