Because the Egyptians made it sound so fun . . .


By the time September rolls around this year, my family will have lived in the same house for seventeen years. In an early celebration of this anniversary, the Midwest is offering up a special swarm of seventeen-year cicadas! They're supposed to arrive any day now in numbers up to 1.5 million per acre.

Now, we could be boring and simply shovel the bug carcasses out of our driveway for the next few months, or we could cut back significantly on our grocery bills and try some of these cicada recipes. A taco for dinner and a piece of pie for dessert? Sounds pretty decent to me.

Really, the only downside I see to this whole thing is that I'll have to cancel my outdoor weddings, parties, and shindigs because of the noise. Then again, I've spent the past several months becoming adjusted to the presence of large insects in my life, so what's a few billion more?