I still have a crush on Seth Cohen.


My little brother, Adam, recently got me hooked on the television show, 24. Seeing that it's a Fox show, there was already a chance that I'd be highly addicted no matter how stupid it was. I tuned in religiously every week for the first few seasons of The O.C., for Pete's sake, though mostly because of the general adorableness of Adam Brody.

Anyway, here's my theory for how the writers for 24 came up with the plot lines for the first season...

Step one. Put the names of all the characters except Jack Bauer into a hat.
Step two. Interview as many five-year-olds as possible to compile a list of scary things that could happen to a person.
Step three. Put all these terrible things into a second hat.
Step four. Select a name and an event from each hat and use this for the basis of the script for the next week's episode. Ignore the fact that "kidnapping" and "Kim" seem to be a weekly pairing.

Also, it should be noted that this is not a show that should be watched before bedtime. My dreams for the past week have included being kidnapped, almost being raped, having my teeth fall out (that's a common one anyway, but I'm blaming it on 24 nevertheless), being chased down by a woman with tranquilizer darts, and attending a basketball game with a guy I had a crush on in fourth grade.

Obviously, Fox executives are highly trained at brainwashing people through television programs. Knowing this, I did what every good sister would do for her little brother and promptly got him addicted to House, M.D.