BEDS, Baths, and Beyond


Yeah, I know. Worst title for a blog post. However, this week is trying to kill me, and I'm blogging from my phone before I sleep for three hours before I go back to working really hard at not getting killed. So cut me some slack on the title.

If you haven't noticed, I failed miserably at keeping up with the posting schedule for VEDA. Therefore, I am signing up for the next big "do something every day for a month" adventure—BEDS, or Blog Every Day in September. Who was it that had that great quote about Americans and failing and how we keep trying the exact same thing over and over expecting a different outcome? Yeah. That.

But really, while I wasn't successful in the "blog every day" aspect of VEDA, I don't consider the project an utter flop. I overcame my fear of vlogging and now thoroughly enjoy it. I made some great new friends and even got to hug a few of them at the 20SB Summit. I learned a lot and smiled a lot, and that's what I want to keep doing through this blog every day thing.

Also, I was tweeting about naps tonight, and that seems like a pretty good fit with a project called BEDS.

P.S. I meant to talk about baths and how I've rediscovered the joy of taking bubble baths, but then I didn't. Sorry.