Heaps of Blessings


Some of you are aware that I had a bit of a rough weekend because of a personal situation that really upset me. It got to the point where I didn't want to check my email anymore because there's a possibility that the situation will be getting worse. Of course, I can't help myself; I need to know if I have a new comment on YouTube or a new reply on Twitter or a marriage proposal from a certain famous person.

So I've been bracing myself. Before I click the little Gmail icon on my bookmarks toolbar, I take a deep breath and prepare for the worst. But holy cow, I have had nothing but the best! You, the people of the internet, are some truly amazing friends! I've had encouraging words thrown my way by more people than I can count. Tyler sat through a ridiculously long email from me and then took the time to come back with some solid advice, and Curly spontaneously sent me an email so sweet that it made me cry. gRegor and Gilligan and Awesome and so many others stepped up to say they'd be praying for me, and it all just makes me feel like a dope for ever feeling sad. How could I feel sad with so many great people in my life?

And as the chocolate shavings on the cake (I don't like cherries), I was selected to win a free pass to the 20SB Summit later this month in Chicago. I've been beating myself up for weeks because I should be able to afford to go, but I was a little too impulsive this summer and backed myself into a financial corner. So just as I was trying to figure out how to crash the Summit lunches without seeming like a loser, this gift just dropped on my lap from the internet sky!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has sent any kind of lovin' my way these past few days. I'm overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude right now. <3