Chunkyskirts, Juan Pedro, and Sanko


News flash! is now 100 pixels wider, courtesy of my sock monkey, who happens to be a code monkey by day. We won't get into the details of his night job.

Speaking of sock monkeys (as all cool people do), the winner of the sock monkey naming contest was my very own brother! I never officially congratulated Adam here on his win, but I did make him pose for a picture outside whilst we were in the middle of building our kick-ass snow goons.

Juan Pedro and My Brother
Juan Pedro and My Brother | Flickr

Congrats, Adam! And yes. Juan Pedro is wearing my knee sock as a scarf.

P.S. If you find goofy pages on the site this week, hold on to your pants. Actually, navigate away from the page first. Then, grab hold of a pair of pants. Preferably your own pants. Juan Pedro and I are too tired of coding to actually finish every minute detail tonight. I'm not bonded in any way with any part of this design except the width, so things you hate may go away all by themselves. By the weekend, I'll probably be looking for some constructive criticism, though. Your time will come, my pretties.