Club is the bestest floor ever.


Valentine's Day is one of those holidays I both love and hate. I love the little Valentine's cards you buy in like second grade to give out to your classmates. I love the chocolate. I love the red and pink. I hate being alone every year. I hate buying the chocolate for myself. I hate feeling like I'm being left out of the fun.

This year, however, was by far the best Valentine's Day of my entire life. The boys from Club got together and bought me a bouquet of yellow roses, along with some Ghirardelli chocolate. About fifteen or twenty of the boys came over to the courtyard outside my building to deliver my presents, and it was pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I was completely blown away by their thoughtfulness to the point that I almost cried.

Valentine's Day 2007 - Part One | Flickr

Sometimes, it's okay to take a break from pushing people off of planks in order to appreciate the fun things like flowers and candy. I love my boys. Apparently, they love me, too.