Crusades: Round Six (Vacation Edition)


When I am queen, people will not be allowed to ask "How was your vacation?" if they only have time for a one-word reply. This trip that I just took to Texas was indeed "good," but it was also a thousand other things.

  • It was sad when I arrived at DFW and wasn't greeted with a line of boys. Instead, Sexy Beast showed up fifteen minutes late. (It was great to see him and hug him, though.)
  • It was surreal when I put my luggage in his car and realized that I was 1000 miles away from home and yet in such familiar surroundings.
  • It was hilarious when Sexy Beast started singing along with Mariah Carey at the top of his lungs the moment we pulled out of the airport.
  • It was fun to see Ninja's band practice on Thursday night, even if I was slightly concerned that shards from the eroding drum set would come flying at my head and scar my face forever.
  • It was disappointing to learn that the dreamy and talented drummer had just recently acquired a girlfriend.
  • It was exciting to see Sexy Beast get commissioned into the Marines on Friday. My stone cold heart swelled with pride when I saw him in uniform, standing in front of all his friends and family, swearing his loyalty to his country.
  • It was interesting (and educational!) to spend most of Saturday running in and out of the Paintball Supply Shop, getting guns repaired and buying paint and testing paint and such.
  • It was relaxing to have the apartment to myself on Sunday whilst the boys were off playing paintball from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I played Guitar Hero until my fingers refused to move.
  • It was a whirlwind experience to spend the day with Sexy Beast and his friends. I watched a lot of Halo, cuddled with Max the dog, laughed a lot about a syrup fight at IHOP, and attended a birthday dinner for a twin.
  • It was exhausting to spend ten hours cooped up at DFW, waiting as flight after flight was canceled. Even the flight I actually took was delayed by an hour. (Poo on Texas weather.)
  • It was thrilling to befriend a little bird who was trying in vain to escape through a window in DFW. He and I met in a vacant area near the SkyLink tram, and there we stayed for more than three hours. We shared a meal, and he even drank from the cap of my water bottle.

I guess if you really forced me to sum up the trip in one word, I would say it was "awesome." But I'd much rather curl up with a cup of coffee (or a glass of chocolate milk) and discuss what really happened. Because man, that syrup thing was really funny. Or maybe you just had to be there.