Cute clothes are cheaper than therapy anyway.


With the winds gusting at 45 mph today, Chicago is certainly living up to its nickname. (Yes, I know the title of "The Windy City" actually has nothing to do with the weather. Shut up already.) On my way to the car earlier, I literally could not inhale any air because the wind was whipping past my face and sucking all the oxygen from my nose and mouth. Not being able to breathe is scarier than I thought. Fortunately, I turned to face the wind and was nearly bowled over on my back by all the beautiful oxygen that came gushing my way.

Enough about the weather, though. I need to wrap up this whole therapy thing before I try to repress the memories of this whole month.

Although the people of the world have unanimously voted that I give therapy another try, I am still not planning to schedule any future appointments. I'd love to get practical advice about time management and related topics from one of the school counselors when I return to college, but that's the only help I want to seek out at this point in time.

I really, truly appreciate all the input people have sent my way, though. You've kept me open-minded enough to realize that my first experience with therapy shouldn't taint my view of the practice as a whole. As I've said to many friends already, I will be keeping my counselor's business card in my wallet. I promise to call her when I feel like I'm unusually burdened or confused or miserable.

Until then, I remain flawed but authentic. And that's totally okay with me because I get to wear an awesome shirt now.

Flawed But Authentic: The Shirt | Flickr