Embarrassing Skirts Trivia, Vol. Two


I was a huge science fair geek. Unintentionally. Really, I just went to a small school and was the biggest perfectionist. I only won every year because not many people actually tried. Enough talking. Behold the horrors . . .

Sixth Grade Science Fair

Yup. That would be me. In sixth grade. At the regional science fair. Unfortunately, I was not rocking Princess Leia hair in this particular picture. I had another contest after the science fair which required dressing up in cultural garbs and sharing tidbits about your family's history. My family is Scandinavian, so I was going for the Swedish braided hair look.

Sadly, the actual costume came later, and I don't have any photographic evidence. The outfit I'm wearing here was honestly something I would've worn on almost any other day of the week. Lavender top tucked in to a lavender flowered skirt, accompanied by a colorless thrift store jacket.

Where were Stacy and Clinton when I needed them??

Anyway, to this day, I still buy the brand of glass cleaner that worked the best in my science fair experiment.

It's Cinch, in case you were wondering!

P.S. You still have until 12:01 p.m. (CST) to vote for the name of my sock monkey! This is crucial to world peace, you know!

P.P.S. Oh right. Embarrassing Skirts Trivia, Vol. One, in case you missed it.