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Note from Rachelskirts: Some of you may remember that I told you to go donate to GolfWidow. Her job recently kicked her to the curb, and she's graciously offering to write guest posts in return for a $2 donation. (I wish she'd let people pay her more, since she's an excellent writer. And a published author!) Anyway, here's what I received via email this morning, which clearly is worth way more than $2. I mean, just think of what McDonald's gives you for that price.

Ah, a guest post.

Rachel said she'd be honored with just one sentence, but I think that's a bit silly, even for her, and we're talking about someone who once deliberately timed her posts to shape a letter J on a blogging calendar.

The J, incidentally, stands for "Just That Silly." You can thank me later.

I'm somewhat disturbed, because for a while there, Rachel was Harrypottering all over the place, and every time I cruised in, I would get the song from Potter Puppet Pals stuck in my head. "Snape, Snape. Severus Snape." ("DUMBLEDORE!")

I'm sure you've seen it. The one with the "mysterious ticking noise."

This one:


Anyway, now that she's all sock monkey, I've got Peter Gabriel stuck in my head instead.

Oh, it's fun being me.