Even Chuck Norris is impressed.


I managed to take a chunk out of my finger while playing piano last night, which in and of itself ought to tell you what a bad-ass pirate I truly am. On top of this, I scored four mosquito bites across my knuckles in the course of a ten-minute drive from my church to my house.

Needless to say, I have two Spongebob Squarepants bandages on my right hand, with some Curious George ones in store for the other hand. True, I do have some sweet pirate bandages that my good friend Rich bought for my 21st birthday, but I save those for ninja-inflicted wounds.

If my mad skillz in real life weren't impressive enough, I've been presented with a wicked awesome internet gift/award/badge thing by the one and only Golfwidow:

Spaghetti-Head Cat

Yes, I know. I got a spaghetti cat from Golfwidow, one of my favorite people on the whole internet, the wonderful woman who earned herself a real Rockin' Girl Blogger badge (as seen here). I've been screeching in delight for days now. You can screech with me. We'll throw spaghetti in the air! And cats! Just not real ones. I like cats.