Because I've grown rather fond of food and clean clothing . . .


Brace yourselves. This link is too important to be docked over to the sidebar.

I know. It sounds ridiculous and cheesy and whatnot, but trust me when I say that I'm gosh dang psyched to have found this link. In real life, I rarely use coupons because I inevitably find a cute shirt the day after the coupon expires. Either that, or I've left the coupon at home. (Or the coupon is both expired and at home.) My mother, on the other hand, is really good at the coupon game, as was evidenced today when she knocked $60 off of our already on sale! purchases at New York & Co.

The one time I do use coupons, however, is when I'm shopping online. Mostly, I do this when ordering books from Barnes & Noble. I get weekly emails from Barnes & Noble regarding their most recent coupons, but might help me clear out my inbox. Whenever I want to make a purchase, I can just skip on over to the page dedicated to B&N coupons and see what deals are currently available. Handy? I'd say so. Plus, there are links to like a billion other sites, which means that if I decide to buy something for one of my illiterate "friends," I can still save money.

This site might mean the difference between cafeteria food and real meals when I go back to school in the Spring . . . Or the difference between bathing in perfume and being able to afford to use the laundry machines.