Floating Away, Lost in a Silent Ballet

I Would Read Here Every Day
I Would Read Here Every Day | Flickr

Much of my childhood was spent watching Disney movies and falling asleep with my imaginary Prince Charming, who would come to rescue me from my life as a peasant and promise to return me to my royal glory in the morning. It was a dizzying fantasy but one that I've had a hard time shaking as a young adult.

When I got an invitation in the mail to become a member of the Art Institute, my initial reaction was, "You stupid ASPCA people! I donate once, and suddenly I'm on the mailing list of every charity, non-profit, or otherwise money-starved organization in the country! Bollocks!" (My Netflix queue is stuck on All Things British, which is having an interesting effect on my inner monologues.) But as I read on, I noticed something about an exclusive, members-only party in December, and I immediately started shopping for ugly stepsisters and verbally advanced mice on Craigslist. Cinderella was going to the ball.

Since then, I've acquired one gorgeous blue dress, one lovely pair of stockings, one stylish pair of black pumps, one beautiful golden clutch, and one fabulous black wool coat for the evening. I've tripped over thin air as I walk down the halls of my house and office, daydreaming constantly about the fabulous people I'll meet there and the wonderful jokes and insights we'll share over cocktails as we stand in front of timeless art and pretend to be able to in any way comprehend its complexities.

This is absolutely maddening for the logical part of my brain, which knows about the realities of social anxiety and my lifelong tendency to spill on my favorite clothing. However, the fuzzy, frilly, illogical side of my brain is in charge of this ship until the sunny weather returns — a safety mechanism which keeps me from flinging myself from a bridge in the middle of the doom and gloom of winter.

All of this started as a [long-winded] way of saying that I really appreciate the dreamers out there, the people with creative souls who think outside their reality and who use logic as a stepping stone to innovation instead of an anchor to weigh down free thoughts. So while I'm off frolicking in a dreamy, cookie-filled heaven in Tennessee this week, check out these fabulous writers who have inspired me to climb every mountain and all that jazz.

That Cup of Tea: Favorite entries include 33 Moments of Happiness, Setdressing, Chicago in Eight Meals, and Make Room. I've been aware of Zan's existence in the world for years via Sarah Brown, but I only started "quietly haunting" her blog a few weeks ago. I love it to pieces.

Distorte: Again, I've known of Pierce's blog for ages, and I've followed him on Tumblr for maybe the better part of two years or so. However, I just now started to read through the archives of the longer pieces he posts to distorte.com, and they make me feel simultaneously unworthy and honored to share internet space with him. Two entries to start you off: Pot and Untimely. (Note: a lot of these stories/essays are mostly fictional, or at least that's my understanding.)

Sadly, Zan lives in New York and Pierce in Ireland, so the odds of being able to hug or spill something festive on either of them at the Art Institute's holiday party are slim to none.