How Do You Be So Short?


On Wednesday, my family will be shuffling off to Tennessee to celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandparents. I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to bond with my grandmother over Scrabble and shopping and back-to-back episodes of What Not to Wear. I also can't wait for my grandpa to dazzle me with some sort of mind-bending equation and to tell me how proud of me he is, no matter what I'm struggling with at the time. These people are precious to me, and I'm going to be too busy enjoying their company to care about blogging on a schedule.

That said, my lovely friend Tyler will most likely be the one hitting the "publish" button on whatever entries I manage to write up and queue on the 13-hour car ride through The Most Boring States in the Union. He doesn't know this yet, but I'm also blaming him for any typos that appear during that time. (Mua ha ha.)

Topics that are floating around in the recesses of my brain as potential topics:

  • my history with female friendships and why I currently spend so much time alone
  • the things I dream about doing once I move out and get a place of my own
  • a list of my worst traits and habits
  • my as-of-yet unwritten rules about how to properly use Twitter
  • a video podcast with Juan Pedro and our sock monkey tea set
  • an apology to the boys of the world for all crimes committed against them
  • something about bacon

I'm not the type of person who gets thirty emails a day from people wanting to know more about my life, but if you, the fine people of the internet, have anything you've ever wanted to know about me or my friends or my cat or whatever, feel free to leave a request in the comments. Alternatively, tell me what your plans are for Thanksgiving, and I'll tell you why you'd be better off visiting my grandparents.