Frequently Obsessive-Compulsive Flyer


I could write a separate 101 Things About Me list focused entirely on the obsessive compulsive habits in my life, and yet another list of habits related specifically to flying in airplanes. However, I will be kind and narrow the list down to ten.

Ten things that involve me, a plane, and my OCD:

  1. I always make a check-list of what to pack. I start with items I'll need every day, beginning with the top of my head (shampoo, blow-dryer, hair ties, etc.) and working my way down to socks and shoes. Then, I plan out every outfit for every day, including jewelry and make-up and the accompanying hairstyle.
  2. I always cry when saying goodbye to my kitties because I'm afraid they'll die while I'm gone.
  3. I always wear the same sweatshirt for a flight. The pocket on it is the perfect size for my iPod and my boarding pass. Plus, I don't have to worry about stripping for the metal detectors.
  4. I always wear the same pair of flip-flops. This started with the whole "take off your shoes" rule and just morphed into a new habit.
  5. I always go to the same Starbucks at O'Hare and stand around sniffling next to my parents after dropping off my luggage at the baggage check.
  6. I always lean against a column thing near my gate at O'Hare, but I always pace madly near my gate at DFW.
  7. As I mentioned before, I always sit on the same seat for every flight.
  8. I always bury myself in a book after finding my seat on the plane and turn on my iPod to look as unfriendly as possible. (I hate small talk. Mostly because I'm bad at it.)
  9. I always read the same book when I fly back in to Chicago. Flipping through The Devil in the White City while coasting over the city at night gives me shivers EVERY. GOSH. DANG. TIME.
  10. I always unbuckle my seat belt after landing before the pilot announces it's okay . . . just to be a wee bit rebellious.

I'm much better on road trips. Maybe.