I'd rather be playing leapfrog with a unicorn.


The archives that I've been digging through for NaBloPoMo were a bit stale for November 6th—I saw The Matrix in theaters in 2003 and woke up at 6:30am to exercise in 2006 (zomg)—so I'm spicing up the routine a bit and linking you to an awesome website.

The Rejection Hotline. One of the counseling interns at the church came over to my desk this morning and gave me a Post-It with a phone number on it. It's one of dozens (or maybe hundreds) of numbers available from this website. Basically, you find a number from the site with a local area code and hand it out to people as your actual phone number when you come across one of those not-so-charming frogs who just won't leave without knowing your middle name, phone number, and favorite color. Knowing that someone will call this number instead would have me feeling better in a jiffy. Heck, even just calling the number is a hilarious experience. Check it out. If you have free long-distance and are too lazy to go to the site, call 815.404.2580. It's a must-have reference tool for anyone in the dating world.

It's also just really funny for anyone in any world.