Go Team Memedroids!


Randy tagged me in this entry to do a meme, the rules of which state that I must list seven famous people I have met. I've spent this past year hanging out in a church, the three years prior to that hanging out at Wal*mart, and the previous eighteen years hanging out in my room. I don't meet famous people.

That being said, how about we join forces on this one? I won't tag anybody to do this (godforsaken) meme, and you'll comment on this entry with the name of at least one famous person you've met. Kapeesh?

Edited to add: Whilst I was looking up "kapeesh" on Google to see if I was the only crazy person to use that particular spelling, I stumbled across wwujd.com, clearly the best site ever. What would Uncle Jesse do? I bet he would help me finish this meme.