Happy Late Early Birthday Christmas Day!


This morning, I mentioned on Twitter that UPS had delivered a lovely package to my house, addressed to Sexy Pirate Princess. I immediately knew that it had to be from my beloved friend, Sexy Beast. He's in the Marines now, so I should probably be the one sending him care packages and stuff. But no, my friends apparently like to spoil me exactly when I need it the most.

This weekend, I'm printing and folding and stuffing 600 bulletins for the church, printing and cutting 600 inserts for the bulletin, assembling 400 CDs and jewel cases, doing other miscellaneous jobs for some other bosses, leading two group projects for school, studying for a microeconomics test, doing four loads of laundry, paying bills, sending in my rebate for my phone, and trying not to catch my mother's cold. Oh right, and somewhere in there, I'll be crying myself to sleep.

That's what I thought, anyway. But there are no tears now. I opened my belated birthday present and my early Christmas present to find all this stuff:

From Sexy Beast
From Sexy Beast | Flickr

Chocolate, chocolate, a cute little mug with an R on it, chocolate pirate coins, four CDs of his favorite band (Anberlin), and an adorable card. Plus! A light pink USMC sweatshirt, sprayed with his favorite cologne. This man is great-looking, great-smelling, and (as you can see) a great gift-giver. Ladies, if you aren't fighting over him already, you should be. Drop whatever you are doing and start sobbing because you are not dating this fine young gentleman. I'd be joining you, but I'm too busy inhaling the smell of the cologne.

Gosh dang. I have the best friends ever.