High-five, Face!


Excuses for not writing a blog post today:

  • I took a giant chunk out of my fingertip this morning while opening some pink Breast Cancer Awareness staples. The bandage solution I devised is not conducive to typing. (I posted the picture to Instagram earlier.)
  • After work, I picked up my new glasses and immediately experienced that "Ooo, the ground is trying to give my face a high-five!" sensation that goes hand-in-hand with a new prescription.
  • Sleep is good.
  • Rewatching every episode of House Hunters is an important responsibility that cannot be ignored.
  • Sleep.
  • Sleeeeep.

So instead of happy, well-adjusted sentences, you get a lovely bunch of coconuts and a lovelier list of excuses. How are you doing on this lovely 6th day of September?