Honorable Mention

Bench | Flickr

Today, I am proud of myself. I woke up late but still drove to school. I arrived to class late but still took my seat. I didn't want to do my homework, but I found my study spot in the library and finished every assignment. I took my scheduled break and sat in my car, listening to classical music while reading Mr. Abernathy. I called my boyfriend for our mid-day chat. I went to my super boring afternoon class and forced myself to pay attention through the whole thing. I passed up every opportunity to stop for unhealthful, expensive food on the way home and made myself a free dinner from stuff around the house instead.

Annnd then I went to do my homework and got caught up with Flickr and Facebook and sudoku and blogging. OOPS! But hey, high-five anyway, Skirts. You have to start somewhere.

Now then. Homework time. Who wants to join me for a board game and some ice cream in the park?