Start Building That Ark Now


Things That Have Made Me Cry This Week:

  • Realizing that my boyfriend is too far away to hug.
  • Realizing that pretty much all my friends are too far away to hug.
  • Remembering that I don't usually like hugs anyway.
  • Sad blog entries.
  • Happy blog entries.
  • Talking to my mom.
  • Talking to my dad.
  • Thinking about my cat.
  • Remembering that I left wet laundry in the machine all day.
  • Going to church.
  • Going to the store.
  • Going home.
  • Eating ice cream.
  • Eating slightly soggier ice cream.

Ahem. So. My name is Rachelskirts, and I have had a stressful week. Tada!

P.S. Before you tell me that there are better ways to deal with stress than by turning into a blubberbaby who watches Lord of the Rings on repeat and eats her weight in chocolate, would you mind letting me wipe my snot on your sleeve? I wasn't kidding about being out of tissues.