I owe it all to Bill Watterson. And Scott Adams.


Apparently, I'm not really keen on blogging on the third of November, since I could only dig up one entry from the past five years of archives. So much for my great NaBloPoMo plan.

Anywho, behold! I took a break from the boy talk last year at LiveJournal long enough to be even more boring!

Today, I shall dedicate my entry to my new nail polish. It's by L'Oréal, and while the color is something akin to bubble-gum pink, the polish is named "Pow!" This causes me to want to punch people in the face with my ridiculously girly-colored fingernails, but punching with your fingernails is awkward.

Interestingly enough, I was noticing today that my love of violence — punching people in the face, kicking people in the shins, pushing people off of planks — can quite possibly be traced back to Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes

Reading Calvin and Hobbes is an essential part of every nutritious breakfast I eat (along with the less-than-nutritious breakfasts), and it is largely responsible for my love of pirates, my hatred of tea parties, and my huge collection of stuffed tigers. I'll have to send Bill Watterson a bottle of kick-ass nail polish in appreciation of his good influence on my life.