Small, Teensy NaBloPoMo Rant


We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to rant for a very small portion of time about the difficulties of volunteering to do something awesome.

Although I'm a huge fan of this whole NaBloPoMo thing, I'm seeing too late that it has fallen at the worst possible time of the year for me. For at least four days this month, if not more, I will be without internet access due to the two vacations I have planned. Two of my best friends suddenly have more time to talk on the phone at night, so I've been glued to my Bluetooth headset from 6pm 'til 2am (or as late as 5am!) every night for a week already. Also, thanks to the vacations, I'll have to be doing twice the amount of work at the office in order to keep things running smoothly while I'm away.

Tomorrow, I'm totally writing up a bunch of entries and scheduling them to be published throughout the month.

Yeah right.