In Serious Need of a Trap Door in the Floor


You know what's a fun way to make your trilogy of Embarrassing Skirts Trivia posts even more humiliating? Accidentally mention your blog to the guy who happens to play a starring role in some of your most mortifying posts ever.

(Links were added by me for clarification.)

Ninja (Jason): hows rory
Me: Really good at piratey things.
Ninja: haha
Ninja: i was telling robin about that yesterday...
Me: Haha, wait, did you read about that on my blog, or is this a major coincidence?
Ninja: on your blog?
Me: Yeah, nevermind.
Me: Crazy. So what did Robin have to say about it?
Ninja: i mean seriously... did you ever know me for reading blogs...
Ninja: in fact... reading in general?
Me: I don't think I've mentioned you or Rory or anything to do with that whole situation until just this week, so I was really weirded out by that.
Me: But you're right. I forgot that most ninjas are illiterate.
Ninja: ...
Me: You asked for that one.
Ninja: (yeah... typical ninja response)
Ninja: and RACISM!
Ninja: Ive been ranting about racism for a little while now
Me: Wait, are you reading now?
Me: Gosh dang it.
Ninja: yup!
Ninja: crash was a darn good movie though huh?
Me: It really was.
Me: You can stop reading now, though.
Ninja: why?
Me: Umm because you're not talking?

(Okay, really, I just knew that this entry was still listed on the front page.)

Ninja: ...
Ninja: i didnt know you etched me into your blog calendar
Me: Holy crap. I need to stop blogging.
Ninja: haha
Me: Right now. Done. Forever.
Ninja: no dont stop im learning so much about you
Me: Like that I'm the biggest loser ever?
Me: Hurrraayyyy...
Ninja: well i didnt think so... then i saw the science fair picture
Me: omg omg omg. SHUT UP.
Me: I'm taking my site off the internet.
Ninja: you know me il probably forget about it in a couple days and go back to not reading your blog haha
Me: You can't seriously forget that picture.
Me: Although I really hope you do.
Ninja: haha
Ninja: so waht have you been up to lately?
Me: Besides dying of embarrassment?
Me: Not much.
Ninja: wait why was samurai champloo adding insult to injury
Me: Just because it sounded lame enough to make people laugh.
Me: Which is kinda the point of the Embarrassing Skirts Trivia series.
Ninja: wait what was lame?
Me: You . . . would be.
Me: haha
Ninja: ...
Me: There are some people who find anime lame.
Me: And WoW.
Me: And the like.

And then I died of embarrassment and gave up the internet cold turkey. After writing this post, of course.