In which I use the word "invite" a lot . . .


Random update for the masses: I finally got my invite to Pownce today. I have five invites left for anyone who wants one. The site is kinda like Twitter, but it has a lot of added neat features. I haven't fully explored all the cool aspects of Pownce, since I selfishly signed up for an invite 1) because I compulsively need to add to the list of Google results for "Rachelskirts" and 2) because I like exclusive "invitation-only" sites. (See also: Gmail and Facebook, back when they used to be somewhat exclusive.) However, I could potentially see this becoming one of my new internet obsessions. Sharing messages, files, links, and events all from one simple website or application? Sounds fun to me!

Anywho, for anyone who is interested in an invite, leave a comment on this entry. Just make sure to fill out the email address portion of the comment form (it won't be shared with anyone else, I promise) so that I can send you the invite!