In Which the Kitchen Smells Faintly of Link Spam


A few months ago, I started stashing away a few of my favorite internet finds in a folder on my bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. These were things that I intended to share on Tumblr or via emails to friends or whatever, but let's face it: I'm lazy. And a perfectionist. And a procrastinator. So in order to clear the visual and virtual clutter (and save myself some future guilt about never sharing these delightful finds), I'm going to get this over with as efficiently as possible. Behold.


How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell, by The Oatmeal
How #FollowFriday is SUPPOSED to Work, also by The Oatmeal
this Halloween quote from one Tumblr person as quoted by ShoesOnWrong, another Tumblr person
Truthful Tuesday [Regarding Kissing], by Best Girl Betty


Getting Over Perfection, by Finslippy
Speculative Comforts, by A Cup of Tea & A Wheat Penny
this really pretty picture of a palace, by All Things Europe


Models I Met And Liked (Journal) and other similar journals, available for purchase from Fred Flare
100 Skills Everyone Should Master, by Mighty Girl
DIY: Cupcakes in a Jar, by Hrrrthrrr
DIY: Colorful Holiday Branches, by OhHi Shop