Zebra Cloud


First of all, thanks to all the people who have been regularly or occasionally responding to my rambling blog posts via the comments section, email, Skype, time travel, etc. You're a cool group of people, and I would gush about how great you are if I ever had the chance to talk about the internet in a face-to-face conversation. (I imagine it would go something like this. Stranger on the street: "Oh, I love your hair! Did you get it highlighted?" Me: "No! I stood under a very weird cloud at the beach! Pull up a chair and let me tell you why I love my little corner of the internet!")

Second, delurking is great for the skin. You should try it sometime, shy people.

On a related note, drinking water (instead of pop) has proven to be more effective at making my skin look great than any disgustingly expensive face wash system I have tried. It also cuts down on the number of nosebleeds I wake up to, which is saving oh so many trees from becoming tissues. That leaves (pun not intended) more trees for propping up hammocks, where I can rest while I read on my tree-friendly Nook from Barnes & Noble! I am the Earth's BFF!

The moral of this story is that commenting on blogs is environmentally friendly and/or a cure for acne. The other moral of this story is that I shouldn't put sentences in public when I haven't been sleeping in a long time. The other other moral of this story is that I am going to hate this in the morning.