Internet Déjà Vu


When Twitter put the image of a little bird on a swirly branch up on their website a short while back, I was sure I had seen it somewhere before. And then I saw the exact same image up on the site of one of my new NaBloPoMo friends. It finally hit me where I had first seen the image.

That Gosh Dang Bird

There it is on the personal website of Emily, who I've been following since her days on Diaryland. She's an amazingly talented web designer, and I always love staring at her blog and wishing mine could look half as good.

Now check it out on the gorgeous website of my new pal, Jamie.

That Gosh Dang Bird

And in case you don't use Twitter, here it is on the front page.

That Gosh Dang Bird

Weird? I thought so. Maybe it's some sort of award that a website is given for being so extremely awesome. Perhaps it's a secret blogger cult that I haven't been invited to join. Or . . . I spend too much time online.