Internet, I Need Some Tough Love


I've mentioned this a dozen times before, but Sarah Brown is one of my favorite bloggers of all time. When I first stumbled across her site (via Dooce?), I felt like I'd discovered the best corner of the internet. As I do with all of my favorite blogs, I found the archives section and started reading through every entry from the very beginning. This took me months to do, since I was savoring every moment of the experience. My reward for checking things off my to-do list was to allow myself time to read through a month's worth of entries while sipping on hot chocolate or hot tea. When I finally caught up with the current entries, I started back at the beginning and read through everything again. And again. And once more because, wow, the way she writes is the way I think when I'm really having a great day. Also, she seems to live a delightfully charming and funny life surrounded by people I would love to know.

The only thing that ever unsettled my love affair with her blog (note: this did not affect my adoration for her) was a project she initiated, called Cringe. The project itself was brilliant (still is, really) and landed her a book deal and brought smiles to so many faces (including mine), but it also sometimes interrupted what I selfishly thought was the ideal memoir-to-diary-to-list ratio for blog posts.

I bring this up because I'm pretty sure that Mad Libs Monday (MLM) is becoming my Cringe but on a potentially obsessive level, and I have mixed feelings about that. My feelings toward MLM aren't mixed at all — I love this project and look forward to rollin' with it for as long as y'all will support it — but I am not all that thrilled with myself for being unable to talk about anything else on my blog, on Twitter, on Skype, with my family members, at the grocery store, etc.

Dude. Rachel. We get it. Mad Libs Monday is the best part of waking up for you these days. Cheers.

So I guess this is me asking y'all to help keep me accountable.

I'm going geocaching with my dad this afternoon (followed by the traditional dinner of Portillo's and Doctor Who), and I am reserving Tuesday night for a date with my Nook. But if I don't also post here by the end of the week about some other fun thing I'm doing or thinking about or planning for, please bop me over the head by way of email, Twitter, Skype, etc. Get sassy about it. I cry easily, but I'm also a feisty pirate. Bring on the tough love.

And hey, let me know if I can do the same for you about anything. Need a kick in the pants about something? I'm an experienced kicker! Let's work with each other to accomplish some goals, people. My goal this week is to prevent my obsessive personality from turning me into a single-faceted hermit. What's yours?