Spendyskirts: Magazine Subscriptions


Real Simple
Organization, tips and tricks for everyday life, clearing the clutter

Interior design, architecture, decorating, home technology

The New Yorker
Books, plays, essays, culture

I also recently purchased a subscription to HOW and Print magazines through fab.com, but I haven't had a chance to get more than halfway through my first issue of each.

In order for Operation: Move Out Eventually to be a success, I need to figure out where all of my money is going, and I frequently forget about things that have annual subscription fees, like Amazon Prime ($80), Flickr Pro ($25), Typekit ($25?), and The League of Extraordinary People Who Are Trying to Destroy Internet Explorer (all of the money). Magazine subscriptions fly under the radar, too, but not anymore.

I spend approximately $100-150/yr. to fill my room with reading material that I mostly forget to read. For now, I'm okay with that.