June 2007 Site Update


Note: Though it's true that I did watch all four Die Hard movies this week, along with several episodes of House, M.D. and Venture Bros., at some point I did actually manage to break away from movies and television shows and Google Reader to poke around my own website a bit. I know there's room for a lot of improvement, so here's a random update on some of the stuff I'm trying to fix.

Movable Type and I have been spending some quality time together this week. I've been attempting to find a way to make my archives look like Dooce's archives, but alas, no magical code has fallen into my lap. Yet.

However, I did manage to separate my RSS feeds, finally. Now, all the links that I post over in the sidebar of this page (currently titled "The Cool Stuff") have their own RSS feed. I also created an archive page for these links to make it easier for people to comment, should they so desire.

The main RSS feed should now only send out the updates from this part of the main page. If I make a change to the About page or the Extras page or any other sections of this site, you won't see it in the feed. Most of the reason for this is that I'm still in the process of putting the final little touches on this blog, and it's my opinion that y'all shouldn't have to suffer through the boring behind-the-scenes construction along with me.

Feel free to comment with any suggestions, magical code for my archiving dilemma, questions, or general lovin'.